Why Upsc Asked Seaport In Kakatiya Kingdom?

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Which is important seaport in Kakatiya dynasty?

Motupalli was the famous, if not the most important trading seaport of the Kakatiyas. The famous traveller Marco Polo also passed through this port and described the wealth of the Kakatiya Kingdom in his travelogue.

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Which of the following was a very important seaport?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is option 2 i.e Motupalli. Motupalli was the famous trading seaport of the Kakatiyas. Marco Polo- the famous Venetian traveler visited Kakatiya kingdom through this port and wrote about the prosperity and power in Andhra Desha in his travelogue.

Who is the real founder of Kakatiya dynasty?

Kakati Devi, the tutelary deity of Kakatiya rulers was the presiding deity at this 13th-century temple. The first king was Ganapati Deva who introduced the worship of Kakati Devi into the coastal region of Andhra and outside the dominions of his kingdom.

Which one of the following was a very important people in the Kakatiya kingdom?

The dynasty saw powerful leaders like Ganapathi Deva and Rudramadevi. Prataparudra I, also known as Kakatiya Rudradeva, was the son of the Kakatiya leader Prola II. It was under his rule that the Kakatiyas declared sovereignty. He ruled the kingdom till 1195 A.D.

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What is the importance of seaport?

Ports serve as important transportation hubs that facilitate goods movement goods movement The distribution of freight (including raw materials, parts and finished consumer products) by all modes of transportation including marine, air, rail and truck. to businesses in local communities and worldwide markets.

Which is the oldest seaport of India?

Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust of Kolkata is the oldest port among the 13 major ports of India. It was Commissioned in 1870.

Which is the 3 largest port in India?

Chennai Port: The Port of Chennai is the third-biggest port in India and has annual traffic of 1.5 million TEU. The port is one of the oldest in India, which started official port operations in 1881.

What is a seaport called?

A seaport is a port located on the shore of a sea or ocean. It is further categorized as a “cruise port” or a “cargo port”. Additionally, “cruise ports” are also known as a “home port” or a “port of call”. The “cargo port” is also further categorized into a “bulk” or “break bulk port” or as a “container port”.

Which is the deepest port in India?

Visakhapatnam port in the state of Andhra Pradesh is the deepest port in India with a natural depth of above 16.5 meters. Further Reading: Major Ports in India. Indian Geography Notes.

What is the slogan of Kakatiya?

Mission Kakatiya (“Our Village Our Lake”) is a scheme for restoring all the minor irrigation tanks and lakes in Telangana State, India.