Why People Fail In Upsc With Geography Optional?

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Is Geography a tough optional for UPSC?

Choosing geography as optional for UPSC Mains can be beneficial for the candidates as it is overlapping with the GS Paper 1 and at times useful for the essay paper also. But, studying geography as an optional subject involves great effort because of the vast syllabus and complexity of the subject.

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Why is Geography optional difficult?

The biggest negative point about Geography is that it covers a huge section of syllabus. The competition in this optional subject is gigantic as compared to some other optional subjects. The subjects are too lengthy and sometimes it becomes difficult to memorize a lot of information at one go.

Who scored highest in Geography optional?

Geography was the optional subject of Ira Singhal. Ira studied Computer Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology and received a Dual MBA in Marketing & Finance from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. She scored 305 marks for Geography.

Which is more scoring Geography or sociology?

Both Sociology and Geography are popular optionals in the Civil Services Exam. Geography surpasses Sociology if you look at the absolute numbers of candidates opting for the subjects. In fact, both subjects are considered scoring.

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Which is the easiest optional?

Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.

Which Sir is best for Geography optional?

Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the best faculty for Geography optional. For the 2022 UPSC Examination, Plutus IAS Coaching Institute has highly qualified faculty members available. Mr. Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the faculty members who offer the best coaching for Geography Optional IAS Coaching.

Which optional has highest success rate?

Among the subjects opted for by 100 or more candidates, the highest percentage of success can be seen in Commerce and Accountancy Optional (14.5%), followed by Law (13.4%) and Economics (11.5%).

Which is more scoring history or Geography?

It deals with things that happened in the past. It is more scientific in nature. It is considered less scoring than Geography because answers are descriptive generally. There is some scope for diagrams but not much.

Which subject is better history or Geography?

Where History preoccupies itself with what was, Geography examines what is happening now on a more natural level. Although there are historical overtones – not least of which is understanding the history of the planet – they are more sociological in nature.

Which optional is better Geography or political science?

There is no better. They both are scoring and extensively helpful for future. If you are good with maps and mapping and locations, then you should go for geography. If laerning about new horizons excite you then ofcourse geography is for you.