Why Does Onion Price Rise Upsc?

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What is the reason behind the rise in price of onion?

As 70% of the total onion production is harvested between March and May, the prices dip due to a surge in supply. But in the rest of the months, prices rise due to low supply.

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What is the reason behind rise of price of onion at Kathmandu?

The price hike has been attributed to an increased demand for Indian onions from various countries including Nepal after India lifted a ban on export of its onion. Nepal receives more than 90 percent of its demanded onion from the southern neighbor.

Will onion prices increase in 2022 India?

Onion prices are expected to see a “moderate” rise to the tune of 4-5% on-year in October-December 2022, says a CRISIL report. According to CRISIL, even though onion supply from all the key producing regions is expected to decline, there is less likelihood of a significant spike in kharif onion prices.

Why onion price is so high in India?

Government figures show that yearly onion production in India is 2.5 crore metric tonne. India’s requirement is 1.5 crore metric tonne. There has been loss of around 50 per cent of onion crops this year due to rains. This is the root cause for the rise in prices of onion.

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Who decides onion price in India?

The government has arranged a buffer supply in order to regulate onion prices and is providing onions to states at a cost of Rs 8 per kg. To tackle the rising cost of onions in various states, the Centre has set up a buffer supply of onions and is supplying it to the states for Rs 8 per kg.

What factors affected supply of onions?

Increased price: increased price due to onion shortage was a great factor hindering demand for onion. Hoarding: due to the general shortage of onion, a great demand arose where the available onion was insufficient to meet the market demand.

Does India export onions?

In fiscal year 2022, fresh onions worth over 13 billion Indian rupees were exported from India to Bangladesh. Bangladesh was the leading destination country for Indian onions for the past three years. Followed by Malaysia with over 4.9 billion rupees in financial year 2022.

In which month onion price is high?

Hence, the period between when Rabi harvest stocks are sold and when Kharif harvesting happens (August to November) is when we observe the prices of onion rise sharply. During this period, supply is low, when demand is high, hence prices rise.

Why are onions in short supply?

A Countdown spokesperson said unusually wet weather over the last couple of weeks and the transition to a new season of onions meant it was experiencing a reduced supply in supermarkets of both red and brown onions.

Which month onion price increase 2022?

The Oct ’21- Mar ’22 average price of Indian onions increased by 50%, to INR 29,788/MT, against the previous average (Apr ’21-Sep ’21), largely attributed to unfavourable weather conditions in India, which caused supply shortages.