Why Did Upsc Cancel Scra Exam?

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Has Scra been discontinued?

The Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) programme was discontinued in 2015.

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Why is SCRA stopped?

In 2015, Railways decided to close down this examination after UPSC communicated that it was not inclined to continue conducting the examination.

Will SCRA exam be conducted in 2022?

In 2022 SCRA recruitment, there are around 42 job vacancies for the posts. The reservations of ST, SC, and OBC will also be applicable. Around two per cent of the seats are reserved for SC and ST for this exam recruitment.

Is MLA better than SCRA?

The MLA is different from the SCRA in that it applies to certain loans after a servicemember is on active duty. The MLA limits the interest rate and fees to 36 percent. This is called the Military Annual Percentage Rate or MAPR. Spouses and dependents are also protected by the MLA.

Which post is given after SCRA?

SCRA Exam Benefits and Stipend On successful completion of the 4 years of Mechanical Engineering course, graduates are posted as Assistant Mechanical Engineers (AME) in the Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME).

Will SCRA exam be conducted in 2023?

The application form for the SCRA 2023 exam is going to be released on the official website of UPSC. Candidates, after ensuring that they meet the eligibility requirements, can fill and submit their application form in online mode.

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Does SCRA expire?

The provisions of the SCRA generally end when a servicemember is discharged from active duty or within 90 days of discharge, or when the servicemember dies. Portions of the SCRA also apply to reservists and inductees who have received orders but not yet reported to active duty or induction into the military service.

Does SCRA back pay?

Servicemembers Get Money Back Additionally, the SCRA requires that any request for a lower interest rate be followed by some form of refund. So all the extra money that the servicemember paid as his or her interest rate that grew over the years? It must be given back upon the request for a backdated interest rate.

Is SCRA a group a job?

On successful completion of the course they are posted as Assistant Mechanical Engineer (AME) in Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers. As they are posted directly as Group A officer they rapidly goes higher up in the ladder to become senior administrators of Indian Railways.

Is SCRA only for active duty?

The SCRA applies to the following servicemembers: Active duty members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard; Members of the Reserve component when serving on active duty; Members of the National Guard component mobilized under federal orders for more than 30 consecutive days; or.