Why Cyclonic Storms Less Frequent In Arabian Sea Upsc?

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Why only a fewer cyclones form over the Arabian Sea as compared to the Bay of Bengal?

Temperature difference:The Arabian Sea is relatively cooler than this temperature range, which the Bay of Bengal offers. Greater frequency of Bay of Bengal cyclones and more strength to them come from a foreign source as well. Most of the cyclones in the Arabian Sea are local.

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Why cyclones are more frequent in Bay of Bengal than Arabian Sea?

Why are cyclones more prevalent in the Bay of Bengal as compared to the Arabian Sea? Cyclones are fed by availability of water vapour in the atmosphere. The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere depends on the difference in temperature between the water surface and the air.

Why maximum cyclones are formed in Indian ocean not in Arabian Sea?

Lack of landmass between the Pacific Ocean and the Bay causes cyclonic winds to move into the coastal areas causing heavy rainfall. The absence of air movements from north-western India towards the Bay in the post-monsoon phase is also another reason for the chances of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal.