Why Age Is Consider By Upsc From 1st August?

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How to count age for UPSC?

UPSC calculates age as of 1st August of the year in which the exam is conducted. So, for the 2023 civil services exam, you should be above 21 years of age as of 1st August 2023. Even the upper age is calculated as of 1st August. So, you should not be more than 32 years as of 1st August 2023.

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Is age a factor in UPSC?

UPSC Civil Services Exam Age Limit: Candidate must be a minimum of 21 years of age and must not be more than 32 years of age. General Category & EWS: 32 years; 6 attempts. OBC (with certificate): 32 years + 3 years; 9 attempts. SC/ST: 32 years + 5 years; unlimited attempts.

How is age calculated?

How is the age calculated ? Age is calculated by counting the number of years, months and days completed since birth. Leaps years and months with 31 days are all factored in the calculations. So, you can expect a very accurate calculation of the age down to the number of days.

Can a 40 year old give UPSC exam?

The upper age limit for appearing in the UPSC IAS examination is 32 years for the general and EWS categories while 35 years is for OBC and 37 years is for SC/ST.

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Will UPSC relax age limit?

Candidates from the OBC category get an age relaxation of 3 years, which makes their upper age limit 35 years. Candidates from SC/ST category will get an age relaxation of 5 years, so their upper age limit is 37 years.

Can I become IAS at the age of 38?

But as your tag says UPSC exam I can tell you that. You must have attained a minimum age of 21 years to appear for the Civil Service Examination. The separate maximum age limit has been set for different reservation categories: 32 years for general category, 35 years for OBC and 37 years for SC and ST.

Who became IAS at the age of 35?

While some aspirants succeed on the very first attempt, others taste success after a few attempts. Today, we are going to talk about Karnataka’s Aparna Ramesh, who cleared the UPSC exam while being in a full-time job.

How should you count your age?

This is an Expert-Verified Answer The process of calculating age involves comparing one’s birth year with the year in which age needs to be calculated. First of all, the current ongoing year is taken note of . After that, the year of birth is considered. The year of birth is subtracted from the current ongoing year.

What is my age if I was born in 2003?

Click on the snippet below and see what it’s like to use it while typing. Someone born before Dec 18th is 19 years old. Someone born after Dec 18th is 18 years old.

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How do you calculate age trick?