Who Releases Hdi Upsc?

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WHO releases Human Development Index Upsc?

India ranked 132 out of 191 countries in the recently released Human Development Index (HDI) 2021 by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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Who published Human Development Index?

2021 Human Development Index (2022 report) The Human Development Report 2022 by the United Nations Development Programme was released on 8 September 2022 and calculates HDI values based on data collected in 2021.

Who proposed HDI in India?

Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq created HDI in 1990 which was further used to measure the country’s development by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Was this answer helpful?

Who topped HDI 2022?

Norway tops the Human Development Report, with a score of 0.957. Norway is followed by Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iceland respectively. United States ranks 17th with an HDI value of 0.926.

Is HDI published every year?

The Human Development Report is released annually by UNDP’s Human Development Report Office. It compiles the Human Development Index of 189 countries in the world.

What is HDI rank of India 2022?

Human Development Index 2022: More Investment In Public Health Is Critical, Says Shoko Noda, UNDP Resident Representative In India. New Delhi: India ranks 132 out of 191 countries and territories in the Human Development Report 2021/2022 released on Thursday (September 8).

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When was the first HDI report published?

Introduction, 1991-1999. In 1990, the UN Development Programme launched the first Human Development Report. “This Report is about people – and about how development enlarges their choices.

When was HDI introduced in India?

The correct answer is 1990.

Which state has the highest HDI in India 2022?

The correct answer is Kerala.

Which country has lowest HDI 2022?

Niger — .400. Central African Republic — .404. Burundi — .426. Mali — .428. Mozambique — .446. Burkina Faso — .449. Yemen — .455. Guinea — .465.