Who Offer More Salary Psu Or Upsc?

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Which UPSC post has highest salary?

The post of Cabinet Secretary is the highest post that can an IAS Officer at the Union level. The Cabinet Secretary is the head of the Civil Services Board, and the leader of all the civil servants in the country. The salary of the Cabinet Secretary is INR 2,50,000.

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Which is the lowest post in UPSC?

The IAS trainee or IAS probationer position, which is offered during the training phase, is the lowest position available for IAS officers.

Which service is most powerful in UPSC?

The Cabinet Secretary of India is the most powerful designation among the UPSC posts.

Who earns more IAS or IPS?

The increment of salary for both is done on the basis of experience, promotions, performance etc. After reaching the position of Cabinet Secretary IAS officers get their highest salary of Rs 2,25,000. IPS officers’ salary also varies between Rs 56,100 to 2,25,000.

Is IAS salary more than IPS?

The IAS salary and IPS salary is mostly the same. The salary for both IAS and IPS officers start from INR 56,100, excluding TA, DA, and HRA. The highest monthly salary of an IAS officer can go on to reach INR 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary.

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Is 4 years enough for UPSC?

And yes, 4 years is enough for your UPSC preparation, don’t worry. But yes, As you are doing your graduation you’ll have to balance both your graduation and your studies for preparation for UPSC. As you have 4 years you can prepare easily even if you give 6 hours a day, not much is required as you have 4 years.

Is UPSC a stressful job?

The Civil service job profile is always collaboration where one needs to work with legislators, authorities, and average folks. The IAS officers encounter the greatest anxiety and stress when they need to face a substantial number of vulnerabilities and constantly changing the workplace.

What is the minimum salary in PSU?

7,00,000 to Rs. 18,00,000 and varies with the respective PSU’s guidelines. This salary range is applicable for the candidates selected under the designations such as Graduate Trainee (GT), Engineer Trainees (ET), Management Trainee (MT), Executive Trainees (ET), and Trainee Engineers (TE).

Is PSU job a permanent job?

PSU job is a permanent job as it is a government job.

Who earns more IAS or IFS?

The IFS officer salary structure is also higher than the IAS officer salary structure due to higher allowances.