Who Have Qualified Upsc With Commerce Optional?

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Is Commerce optional good for UPSC?

Commerce and Accountancy Optional It is a good scoring optional and provides an advantage to commerce graduates as the undergraduate and professional studies are utilized in both paper 1 & 2.

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What is the best optional subject for Commerce in UPSC?

The topics included under commerce and accountancy optional for UPSC are accounting, cost accounting, taxation, auditing, financial management, financial markets, organizational theory and behaviour, human resource management and industrial relations.

What is highest marks in Commerce and accountancy optional?

As far as marks go, the Commerce optional papers, like all optional papers have a maximum mark of 250, i.e., 250 for paper 1, and 250 for paper 2.

Is Commerce and accountancy scoring in UPSC?

Commerce and Accountancy offer you a lot of chances of scoring high marks since it is a technical subject. The reason behind it is that every year there comes about 150 marks worth of numeral in the exam.

Which optional get highest marks?

Based on the general trend, the subjects which have the potential to help you score about 330 marks in optional exams (with your immense dedication, ofcourse) are Mathematics, Anthropology, Sociology, any Literature, Public Administration and Geography.

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Is BCOM is best for UPSC?

Both BBA and B.Com are equally good degree courses for UPSC preparation. BBA being a bit lighter course in comparison to B.Com will provide you more time for UPSC preparation and coaching. Both BBA and B.Com are equally good degree courses for UPSC preparation.

Which is the shortest optional in UPSC?

Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.

Can I crack UPSC with Commerce?

yes, why not because UPSC only requires that you need to be graduate to sit in this exam, no matter from which subject you are .

Which is the easiest optional?

Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.

Which subject is toughest in Commerce?

Chartered Accountancy CA is the toughest course in commerce.