Who Get Salary From Consolidated Fund Of India Upsc?

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Who gets salary from Consolidated Fund of India Upsc?

Emoluments and allowances of the President and other expenditure relating to his office. Salaries and allowances of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Salaries, allowances and pensions of the judges of the Supreme Court.

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Who all draws salary from Consolidated Fund of India?

The salaries, pension and allowances of the judges of High Court are charged on the consolidated fund of the state. 3. The jurisdiction and powers of a high court can be changed both by the parliament and the state legislature.

Who are paid from Consolidated Fund of state?

All government expenditure is made from this fund, except exceptional items which are met from the Contingency Fund or the Public Account. Importantly, no money can be withdrawn from this fund without the Parliament’s approval.

Who has the right to issue money from the Consolidated Fund of India?

The government needs parliamentary approval to withdraw money from this fund. The provision for this fund is given in Article 266(1) of the Constitution of India. Each state can have its own Consolidated Fund of the state with similar provisions.

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Does all IAS officers get same salary?

The salaries of all IAS officers start at the same level and then increase with their tenure and promotions. There is a difference in the grade of pay of IAS officers from junior grade to above super time scale. At the Cabinet Secretary level, it is fixed.

Who determines UPSC salary?

The salaries and allowances of members of UPSC is determined by the parliament. 4. Tenure of chairman and members of UPSC is Five years or until they attain the age of 60 years.

Who gives salary to CM?

Remuneration. By Article 164 of the constitution of India, remuneration of the chief minister as well as other ministers are to be decided by the respective state legislatures. Until the legislature of the state decides salary, it shall be as specified in the second schedule.

Which fund gives salary to President?

Explanation: It is a charged item on the consolidated Fund of India. Q. Which of the following is are not correct about CAG of India?

Is CAG salary charged on Consolidated Fund of India?

(6) The administrative expenses of the office of the Comptroller and Auditor- General, including all salaries, allowances and pensions payable to or in respect of persons serving in that office, shall be charged upon the Consolidated Fund of India.

Who uses Consolidated Fund?

Definition: Consolidated Fund of India is the most important of all government accounts. Revenues received by the government and expenses made by it, excluding the exceptional items, are part of the Consolidated Fund.