Which Youtube Channel Best For Geography For Upsc?

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Who is the best teacher for geography UPSC on YouTube?

praveen sir YouTube channel name is Edu teria , You can just click over this link and you can go to their YouTube channel. if you opt geography as optional subject in UPSC exam then you you take online classes Praveen Sir. He start with very basics and I hope you will be able to catch necessary knowledge.

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Which geography is best for UPSC?

Indian Geography by Majid Hussain. Indian Geography by Khullar. Certificate Physical and Human geography by GC Leong. Oxford School Atlas.

What should I study for geography in UPSC?

The important topics of Geography in IAS Exam are basically from three different portions, namely- Physical Geography, Human Geography and Indian Geography.

How can I cover my geography for UPSC?

You read about Geographical phenomenon almost on a daily basis in the newspapers. When you read about a natural calamity or phenomenon, relate it to what you have read in the textbooks. This way, you are also preparing for the current affairs.

Which YouTube channel is good for Geography?

NASA Goddard A good channel to get the best of geography from the best people around the globe. So all you Geograpeeps, enjoy and keep adding to the list!

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Who is best tutor for Geography UPSC?

Mr. Akshay Sanjay Gurubhaiye is one of the best faculty for Geography optional. For the 2022 UPSC Examination, Plutus IAS Coaching Institute has highly qualified faculty members available.

Is NCERT enough for UPSC Geography?

For general studies, NCERT books work best since you need not go into the details of any concept. Generally, the old NCERT books are recommended for history and new ones for geography. All keywords in the books must be noted. Revise from the NCERT books 2 – 3 times before the UPSC exam.

How to start reading Geography for UPSC?

# Refer NCERTs for a Basic Understanding. # Get Advanced Understanding with Advanced Books. # Practice Maps. # Connect Dots with Current Affairs. # Refer to Previous Year Questions. # Make Notes and Revise Timely.

Which stream is best for Geography?

Eligibility and preferred education background: Those interested to study bachelor degree in Geography must complete 10+2, preferably in arts or science, and then take up Geography as a course, as it would provide the students with the basic background required for further studies in Geography.

How can I learn Geography fast?

Start with the continents. Be knowledgeable about large bodies of water. Don’t be stuck up on memorizing all the countries. Use history or current events to remember better. Visualize locations. Make flashcards. Ask for help. Keep a map close by.