Which Videos Are Better For Anthropology For Upsc?

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Which Anthropology coaching is best for UPSC?

Plutus IAS Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching. Yojna IAS Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching. The Hinduzone Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching. Kautilya IAS Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching. SAPIENS IAS Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching. Vaid’s ICS Anthropology Optional IAS Coaching.

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Which Anthropology notes is best for UPSC?

Physical anthropology by P. Anthropology by Ember and Ember. An Introduction to Social Anthropology by D.N.Majumdar & T. N. Madan. An Introduction to Anthropological thought ( Theories) – by Makhan Jha. Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Hasnain. Indian Anthropology by R. N. Sharma.

How do I prepare for Anthropology UPSC?

Go through the UPSC syllabus for anthropology thoroughly. Divide the syllabus into sections so that you can cover it easily without getting bogged down. Focus on getting conceptual clarity. Try to relate each chapter with others. Note making is important for this subject.

Is Anthropology best for UPSC?

Anthropology as optional for UPSC Choosing the right optional subject is a big decision for IAS aspirants. Anthropology is a good option for IAS Exam. But a lot depends on how much the candidate focuses on understanding concepts.

Who is the best teacher for Anthropology?

Dr. Huma Hassan Best Teacher For Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam. Praveen Kishore’s Teacher For Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam. Anil Mishra sir Teacher For Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam.

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What is the best way to study Anthropology?

Read actively, not passively. Pick a good time to read. Engage in Reading. Social science articles are rarely linear. Skim read. Analyze what you’ve read.

Who scored most anthropology optional?

UPSC CSE 2017: All India Rank 1: Anudeep Durishetty (Anthropology) Anudeep Durishetty is a B. Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation. Anudeep took Anthropology as his optional subject when he secured Rank 1 in UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Which anthropology notes is best?

Biology NCERT Class XII. Physical Anthropology – P. Nath. IGNOU MA Course for Anthropology. An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology – N.K Vaid. Indian Anthropology -Nadeem Hasnain. Indian Society – NCERT Class XII. The Tribal Culture of India – LP Vidyarthi. Xaxa Report.

Who is the father of anthropology in India?

Sarat Chandra Roy (4 November 1871– 30 April 1942) was an Indian scholar of anthropology. He is widely regarded as the ‘father of Indian ethnography’, the ‘first Indian ethnographer’, and as the ‘first Indian anthropologist’.

Is anthropology optional easy?

Anthropology Optional Subject This subject is considered easy for science students or graduates.