Which Vedio Lecture Are Better For Ethics For Upsc?

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Which lectures are best for ethics Upsc?

If you are looking for the best Ethics classes for the UPSC exam, you can look into UPSC Pathshala’s Ethics course. You will gain a better grasp of this UPSC topic by taking the UPSC Pathshala Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude Course. If you are lacking in this section, you must enrol in this course on a regular basis.

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Which is the best source for ethics Upsc?

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude – G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury. Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies Paper IV – Niraj Kumar. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – Santosh Ajmera & Nanda Kishore Reddy. Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude – M Karthikeyan.

Which coaching notes is best for ethics Upsc?

Which are the Best Notes for Ethics? To prepare the Notes for Ethics for UPSC Mains Exam, one should refer to the Second ARC Report on Ethics in Governance, Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude by G Subba Rao & P N Roy Chowdhury and Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude for IAS General Studies by Niraj Kumar.

How can I get good marks in UPSC ethics?

General Guidelines for Preparation of Ethics Paper Know the syllabus – Syllabus of Ethics is your most important book and keywords list in itself. Learn the syllabus so that you can use the keywords mentioned in the syllabus in your answers. Read limited books. Read them twice before marking important lines.

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Who is best teacher for ethics?

Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir is known as the best teacher for ethics because of his personalized guidance and hand-holding approach to students.

Who teaches Vajiram and Ravi ethics?

Ethics classes: Taught by Pathak sir, Bijendra sir, and Manikant sir at Vajiram and Ravi IAS Academy New Delhi.

What are the 5 sources of ethics?

Five Sources of Ethical Standards. The Utilitarian Approach. The Rights Approach. Other philosophers and ethicists suggest that the ethical action is the one that best protects and respects the moral rights of those affected. The Fairness or Justice Approach. The Common Good Approach. The Virtue Approach.

What are the 3 sources of ethics?

Primarily ethics in business is affected by three sources – culture, religion and laws of the state. It is for this reason we do not have uniform or completely similar standards across the globe.

Which optional helps in ethics?

Ethics is one of the principal branches of Philosophy, and therefore after studying Philosophy, a student will be better endowed to deal with the challenges of ethics paper.

Whose notes are better vision IAS or Vajiram and Ravi?

Our Verdict: Vajiram and Ravi or Sriram IAS is excellent for GS preparation as they have experienced faculty and comprehensive notes. Check out the Vajiram & Ravi General studies notes. Vision IAS has great online material but does not match up to the others.