Which Us The Best Institutein Pune For Upsc?

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Which academy is best for UPSC in Pune?

Pioneer Academy. 4.8. 666 Ratings. Swami Vivekananda Academy. 4.4. 419 Ratings. Dronacharya Education Academy. 4.7. 174 Ratings. Pioneer Academy. 4.2. 18 Ratings. Vidyaniketan Academy. 4.8. 31 Ratings. Yashoda Public School & Gurukul MPSC Margdarshan Kendra. 3.8. Dnyanganga Career Hub. 4.5. Ashwamedh IAS Academy. 5.0.

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Is Pune is good for UPSC preparation?

As Pune is very important city in 2022 for better preparation of Indian Administrative Services Examination. If you are looking for Best IAS Coaching in Pune then this article is very helpful for the aspirant who is preparing for civil services examination.

Is Pune good for IAS coaching?

The top five coaching institutes in Pune with the highest selection rates are Paradigm IAS Academy, Lakshya Academy, IQRA IAS Academy, Pragnya IAS Academy, and Chanakya Mandal Academy. These institutes in Pune have the highest selection rate as they provide quality coaching with good study material.

Which institute is best for UPSC exam?

Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching. Drishti IAS. Shankar IAS. RACE IAS. Rau’s IAS Study Circle.

Who is the IAS officer of Pune?

Vikram Kumar, IAS | Pune Municipal Commissioner.

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Which city is best for IAS?

Delhi. Delhi is at the top when it comes to the IAS Coaching For UPSC Delhi is full of top UPSC coaching institutes. Mumbai. Mumbai the city of dreams is famous for IAS preparation in India. Bangalore. Allahabad. Lucknow. Jaipur.

Is 7 months sufficient for UPSC?

The Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC is not an exam that can be cracked without a proper study plan and strategy. A minimum of dedicated six months is required for the beginners or those who give their nth attempt.

Is 1 year enough to prepare for IAS?

One year is more than sufficient for IAS preparation. One does not need to join coaching for the IAS exam if one prepares well with the right guidance and UPSC exam strategy.

Is Drishti IAS worth?

Drishti IAS Academy comes at number one rank in Best IAS Coaching in Delhi as per tuition fees, infrastructure, study materials, and best faculty members. It comes in one of the best coaching in Delhi for UPSC preparation.

Which field students crack UPSC most?

“Engineering students crack the UPSC exam because of the practical pedagogical methods they experience in their four-year engineering studies. This provides them with a better analytical aptitude as compared to Arts graduates,” says JK Dadoo, former IAS officer who was in the services for more than 35 years.