Which Units Read In Nitin Singhania For Upsc?

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Which topics to read from Nitin Singhania?

Indian Architecture, Sculpture and Pottery. Indian Paintings & Handicrafts. UNESCO’s List of Tangible World Heritage Sites in India. Indian Music. Indian Dance Forms. Indian Puppetry. Indian Circus.

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How many chapters are there in Nitin Singhania?

It has 28 chapters and four appendices.

Is Nitin Singhania good for UPSC?

Is Nitin Singhania enough for Art and Culture for UPSC? Yes. It is a comprehensive book and is sufficient for this paper. In addition to it, practice all the previous years’ questions that are asked in Prelims or Mains.

How long does it take to complete Nitin Singhania?

3) Our very own Nitin Singhania’s Culture notes (5 days) I promise, it will not take more than 5 days to complete this.

Which Art subject is best for UPSC?

Generally, humanities subjects have received good success in the UPSC exams. It is regarded as the home ground of the UPSC.

How can I remember Art and Culture for UPSC?

PIB Summary and Analysis. Stay updated with Current Affairs. Download UPSC Notes PDF (Free) Take IAS Mock Tests. Download NCERT Notes for UPSC PDF (Free)

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Is Drishti books enough for UPSC?

In comparision to all the IAS Exam oriented content available Online and offline (in physical books and magazines form), Drishti IAS Notes are the best in the business. In many aspects like Content quality, reliability, etc Drishti IAS provides better features.

Which is the latest edition of Nitin Singhania?

4th Edition 2022-23 Indian Art And Culture By Nitin Singhania And Environment 8th Revised Edition By Shankar IAS Academy for Civil Sercives And Ither State Examinations – Set Of 2 Books (Paperback, Nitin Singhania, Shankar IAS Academy)

Who is the founder of Singhania?

JK Organisation founded by Lala Kamlapat Singhania is one of the largest conglomerates in India today, with multiple million and billion dollar companies under its belt.

What is price of art and culture by Nitin Singhania?

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