Which Subject Is Sutable For Btech Cse For Civils Upsc?

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Which subject is best for UPSC CSE?

Some of the Popular UPSC subjects are Anthropology, Sociology, Public Administration, History, Geography, Law, Philosophy, Agriculture and Political Science. The number students that choose these popular subjects is high and so is the number of students from these subjects that qualify.

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Which optional subject is best for UPSC for Btech students?

Here, we suggest top subject choices for UPSC optional papers, for engineers. The list of optional subjects for the UPSC Mains exam include Chemistry, Economics, History, Geography, Public Administration, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Law, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Zoology, among others.

Which B Tech course is best for IAS?

The best branch will be CSE as it has many opportunities compared to others. You can do private jobs after graduating and prepare for UPSC at the same time. Also, this field is easy in comparison with others, it’s all about computers and programming.

Which engineering is best for UPSC aspirants?

To clear IAS, you need to write two papers on an optional subject. Civil Engineering. You can study one of these subjects so that it helps you when you are writing your optional paper for UPSC. But keep a thing in mind.

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Which 5 subject is best for UPSC?

Medical Science. Literature. Anthropology. Public Administration. Psychology. Law. Geography. History.

What are the 5 compulsory subjects in UPSC?

What are the compulsory subjects for UPSC exam prelims? In UPSC Prelims, the compulsory subjects are Indian Polity and Governance, General Science, History, Geography, Economic and Social Development, etc.

Is B Tech good for IAS?

If you clear the UPSC exam after your engineering course itself, you can be one of the youngest to clear this challenging exam and also get a head start in your career. There have been toppers in the past who cleared the IAS exam by preparing for it while they were engaged in their engineering courses.

Which engineering is best for civil services?

Both branches rely on each other and both are equally important. As you want to become an IAS officer i recommend you to do civil engineering. No other Engineering stream is as useful as these branch to become an IAS officer.

Is CSE good for IAS?

Yes,you can apply for UPSC civil services exam after completing the computer science engineering degree. Infact from the past few years most of the engineering student are getting qualified the upsc civil services exam.

How to manage btech and UPSC?

Well aware of the syllabus (what all topics need to be covered) Exam pattern (Type of questions they ask and the questions they avoid) Go to the previous 10year question paper (pre and mains) Solve as many as practice paper and mock test.