Which State Syllabus Is Best For History Upsc Preparation?

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Which state is best for preparation of UPSC?

Delhi, New Delhi. Allahabad, State of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, State of Uttar Pradesh. Patna, State of Bihar. Jaipur, State of Rajasthan.

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Is Tamil Nadu NCERT enough for Ancient History UPSC?

History is an integral part of the UPSC exam, both prelims and mains exams. Among all the books, the NCERT textbooks are considered essential for a good understanding of the basics of the subject.

Which book is best for UPSC preparation for history?

NCERT Class XI Modern India – Bipan Chandra. History of Modern World – Jain and Mathur. History of Modern India – Bipan Chandra. A New Look at Modern Indian History From 1707 to the Modern Times- Alka Mehta and B L Grover S.

Which state has most IAS toppers?

Uttar Pradesh- Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, is number one on the list. As per the data of January 2015, Uttar Pradesh gives the highest number of 717 IAS officers in India. 3rd rank holder in UPSC 2019, Pratibha Verma is from Uttar Pradesh.

Is South Indian History important for UPSC?

The ancient history of southern India, which includes the Sangam Age, the three kingdoms of Chola, Chera and Pandya, and Sangam Literature are very important topics for the IAS exam.

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Which Ncerts are best for History?

6th – Our Pasts 1. 7th – Our Pasts II. 8th – Our Pasts III – Part 1, Part 2. 9th – India & the Contemporary World 1. 10th – India & the Contemporary World II. 11th – Themes in World History (Focus on Industrial Revolution)

Is TN History books for UPSC?

Yes, Tamil Nadu Board History Book PDFs are excellent for UPSC exam preparation. The Tamil Nadu History Books of Class XI and XII are preferred by a lot of UPSC aspirants. These books cover ancient Indian and medieval history and major events from world history extensively.

How can I start UPSC History?

Create a chronology for every period with the important events mentioned. Revise the entire syllabus at least two to three times in the entire time span. Solve previous year papers as well as IAS practice papers for History on a regular basis to have better preparation.

Is New NCERT enough for UPSC History?

NCERTs help to understand the basic concepts. It is not advisable to skip NCERTs because they are very important for both prelims and the mains of the UPSC CSE.

What is the best study method for History?

Create color-coded flashcards. Take notes in chronological order. Just the facts. Supplement with a historical TV program, but check your facts! Try an online multiple choice test.