Which Ones Produce Androgenic Haploids In Other Cultures Upsc?

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Which produces androgenic haploids in other cultures?

The haploid organism produced from anther/pollen grain culture is called androgenic haploid.

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Which ones produce androgenic haploids in anther cultures Mcq?

Anther culture produces androgenic haploids.

Which culture produces haploid plants?

Haploid plants can be produced through in vitro culture of male gametophytic cells at the microspore or immature pollen developmental stage.

Which type of culture is quick for development of haploid plant?

Androgenesis The production of haploids through anther or pollen culture is called androgenesis and to-date, it has been reported in 135 species. The principle involved in the process is to halt the development of pollen cells into a gamete and induce it in a suitable environment to develop into a haploid plant.

Who first produced androgenic haploid plants?

Guha and Maheshwari discovered the technique of producing haploid plants through anther culture.

Who produced haploid from anther culture of Datura?

In vitro culture of anthers was first undertaken by a Japanese cytologist Shimakura (1934) with the objective of understanding the physiology of meiosis. Guha and Maheshwari (1964) also cultured mature anthers of Datura innoxia with a similar aim, but accidentally made a more significant observation.

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Which of the following is culture to obtain haploid plants Mcq?

13. Which of the following is cultured to obtain haploid plants? Sol: (d) Entire anther.

Which culture technique is used for the development of haploid plants Mcq?

Additional information:Pollen culture is a technique for the development of haploid plants by cultivating pollen grains collected from a plant’s anther under the aseptic condition on known composition artificial media. Guha and Maheshwari also discovered the technique. So, Guha and Maheshwari is the correct answer.

Who cultured anther and pollen for haploid production?

After the first report of haploid production through anther culture by Guha and Maheshwari (1964), anther culture technique has been practiced in approximately 170 species. The technique has emerged as a successful protocol in some crops, e.g., wheat, rice, maize, rapeseed, and barley.

What is haploid culture and how is it obtained?

Haploid plant cultures can be obtained by pollen grains by the technique of pollen culture. Pollen culture is a technique of production of haploid plants by culture of pollen grains obtained from anther of a plant under aseptic condition on artificial media of known composition.