Which Obc Certificate Need During Upsc?

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Can I use state caste certificate in UPSC?

Once a candidate is qualified for the Main Examination (in case of the Civil Services Examination), he/she is required to upload copy of his/her SC/ST certificate alongwith the Detailed Application Form (DAF).

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What documents are required for UPSC exam?

A scanned photograph of yourself. A scanned signature of yourself. Government-issued Photo-id card. Aadhaar Card/Voter Card/PAN Card/Passport/Driving Licence/Any other Photo ID Card issued by the State/Central Government.

Do we need OBC certificate to apply UPSC?

The candidate qualifying for the Personality Tests (Interviews) is required to show the original OBC certificate at the time of the Personality Test.

Is state OBC certificate valid all over India?

The difference between state and central Obc/caste certificate is that the state one changes from state to state so it’s inadmissible in most of the other state. however the central format is valid all over India and helps run things along smoothly.

How does UPSC verify certificates?

UPSC will send information to the police station of your area to enquire and give a certificate. The police will verify the facts and submit the report.

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What is not allowed in UPSC exam?

Answer – A candidate found to be furnishing false information to the Commission or suppressing information, adopting various unfair means in the Examination like impersonation, cheating, etc., is liable to be disqualified and/or debarred from writing UPSC Examinations as decided by the Commission.

Can I wear jeans in UPSC interview?

Men should preferably have short hair. This is a matter of personal choice but it might not project a professional image if you have long hair. Avoid expensive and flashy jewellery. Don’t go in party wear or casual wear like jeans and T-shirts.

Which category comes under OBC?

The Other Backward Class is a collective term used by the Government of India to classify castes which are educationally or socially backward. It is one of several official classifications of the population of India, along with General castes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs).

Are there two types of OBC certificate?

Types of OBC certificate According to g to the government, Other Backward Class certificates are OBC A and OBC B certificates. The OBC B certificate is for the creamy layer of people. The creamy layer of OBC has people earning more than eight lakhs INR per year.

What is the validity of OBC certificate for UPSC exam?

However, for most practical purposes, the validity of an OBC NCL Certificate is treated like 1 year. If your OBC NCL certificate was obtained before 1 year, it is always better to get a new OBC NCL before applying for exams.