Which Ncert Books To Read For Upsc Unacademy?

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Which books should I read in NCERT for UPSC?

History: NCERT Class VI – Our Past. History: NCERT Class VII – Our Past -I. History: NCERT Class VIII – Our Past II and III. History: NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – I. History: NCERT Class IX – India and the Contemporary World – II.

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Which app is best for NCERT books for UPSC?

BYJU’S – The Learning App. You have also heard about BYJU’S – The Learning App. The best apps to help prepare for UPSC. It provides all types of study materials for the students.

Which class NCERT is best for UPSC?

You will get many questions in the IAS/IPS Exam directly or indirectly from NCERT textbooks. If aspirants have enough time, it is always advised to start from standard 6 NCERT texts and read till standard 12 texts for all relevant subjects.

Does Unacademy provide books for UPSC?

Unacademy, India’s leading learning platform, also offers study material online to help candidates boost their UPSC exam preparation. Check out the website to access our world-class study material for UPSC curated by the Top Educators of Unacademy.