Which Monthly Hindi Magazine Is Best For Upsc?

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Whose monthly magazine is best for UPSC?

Yojana magazine Undoubtedly, all UPSC aspirants have heard about this magazine while preparing for the UPSC exam. This magazine is considered the best magazine for UPSC. This monthly magazine provides general facts as the union ministry of Information and broadcasting publishes it.

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Which Hindi newspaper is best for UPSC preparation?

Ans. As a matter of consensus, The Hindu is considered the best newspaper for IAS preparation. Candidates can also refer to the following along with the Hindu for specific sections of UPSC Preparation: The New Indian Express.

Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC vision or insights Quora?

VISION IAS IS THE CRISPER ONE. I WOULD PERSONSLLY ASK TO TAKE OUT SOMETIME ,buy one each of both of same month and compare before you start with one. VisionIAS will be easier to revise at the end because of its less but quality material. INSIGHTS IAS IS GREAT FOR Editorial .

Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC Quora?

First of all it, even though toppers may suggest VisionIAS monthly magazine magazine, it just implies that there are some questions which may be expected from this material. for UPSC, there is no one booklet or material which can promise that even 25% of the questions would come from there.

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Which is better Yojana or Kurukshetra?

While Yojana magazines provide content on one theme every month, Kurukshetra contains articles related to rural India and agriculture. Though not as important as Yojana in exam perspective, since this is a magazine by Government of India, it would help aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics.

Is Yojana monthly magazine enough for UPSC?

Reading Yojana Magazine will help you in Essay writing as these magazines analyzes each topic through multiple perspectives by various people of diverse background. Yojana is a monthly magazine and covers a good portion of the mains syllabus especially for General Studies.

How can I practice Hindi for UPSC?

Before the exam, have writing practice in the Devanagari script (especially if you are not from a Hindi medium background/Hindi medium aspirant). Have a good vocabulary of Hindi words. For the essay questions, read about 20 essays from a good essay book.

Which magazine is best Drishti or Vision IAS?

While comparing, Drishti IAS study material stands tall in front of Vision IAS Notes. Vision IAS provides high quality content too but is not very consumer-friendly in their approach.

Can I skip newspaper reading for UPSC?

Aspirants should know that it is not necessary to read the whole newspaper in detail as part of your IAS preparation.

Which is better PT 365 or monthly magazine?

There is not too much difference in content between PT/Mains and the Monthly magazines. No point wasting time reading the same thing twice. 1. Read Vision Monthly and make notes throughout the year.