Which Monthly Current Affairs Magazine Is Best For Upsc Preparation?

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Which monthly magazine is good for current affairs?

Pratiyogita Darpan has been on the top of the list for every student since years. This Indian bi-lingual magazine is available in English as well as Hindi. It contains material related to current affairs, general knowledge, geography, economy, politics, and history.

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Which current affairs is best for UPSC?

India Yearbook – Publication Division (GOI) Yojana Magazine. Kurukshetra Magazine. Economic Survey. Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine. Concise General Knowledge Manual – J K Chopra. Current Affairs & News In Focus Objective Questions – Kiran Prakashan.

Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC by toppers?

Civil Service Times It gathers in-depth articles on different topics written using questions from the previous years. This magazine focuses on all of the exams, important topics, events of national and international importance, International relations, Science and Technology and the Economy.

Which is the No 1 magazine in India?

India Today English magazine has a total readership of 15.9 million people who read about current events, news, politics, and other topics. That’s a number you can’t go wrong with.

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Is Yojana monthly magazine enough for UPSC?

Reading Yojana Magazine will help you in Essay writing as these magazines analyzes each topic through multiple perspectives by various people of diverse background. Yojana is a monthly magazine and covers a good portion of the mains syllabus especially for General Studies.

Which monthly magazine is good for UPSC?

1 Which is the best current affairs magazine for UPSC IAS preparation? Ans. 1 The best current affairs magazines for UPSC preparation are Yojana, Monthly Review by the PRS, Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Frontline Science Reporter, Kurukshetra, Down To Earth.

Which YouTube channel is best for current affairs?

Which is the Best Current Affairs Youtube Channel for UPSC? The BYJU’S Exam Prep YouTube channel is one of the best IAS Exam prep channels offering free video content and daily updates. Other than this Big Picture, India’s World, Desh Deshantar, and Sarokaar can also be referred to for Current Affairs Video 2022.

Which source is best for current affairs?

A newspaper is divided into several categories, and it is our best source of current affairs, so let’s use it to understand more about it.

Which is better Yojana or Kurukshetra?

While Yojana magazines provide content on one theme every month, Kurukshetra contains articles related to rural India and agriculture. Though not as important as Yojana in exam perspective, since this is a magazine by Government of India, it would help aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics.

How can I cover monthly current affairs magazine for UPSC?

Making Newspaper Notes. Daily CA Summary Notes. Making Notes from CA Magazines.