Which Language Medium Is Bast For Upsc?

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Which medium is good for UPSC exam?

Candidates can choose either English or any one of the Indian languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India. A lot of candidates who are not comfortable in English opt to take Hindi or any other regional language as their medium of exam for the IAS mains.

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Which language is easy in UPSC?

English is the most popular language among UPSC aspirants for both written examinations and personality test interviews.

Which language is used in UPSC?

Which language is included in the UPSC exam? The languages that are included in the prelims exam of the UPSC are Hindi and English. This procedure is the same in the Mains exam also. Although, according to the 8th schedule in the Indian constitution, applicants can write the exams in any of their scheduled languages.

Is Hindi medium good for UPSC?

Students from all the mediums, whether it is English, Hindi, or regional have equal chances of qualifying the exam. Although, the students have to face an English language exam which is qualifying in nature and needs to be given in English only. The rest of the papers can be attempted in Hindi.