Which Is Hard Compition Exam Between Ca And Upsc?

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Which profession is best CA or IAS?

The career route of both CA & IAS is provided to give you a gist of what you have to do. For a commerce student, CA is one of the best jobs. But in our country in general, IAS is the most respected job. So, basically, they both have their own advantage.

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Which exam of CA is toughest?

CA Foundation Exam. CA Intermediate Exam. Final CA Exam.

What is tougher CA or IIT?

CA final exam is much more tougher than JEE Advanced. CA has vast syllabus 3 levels 2000 marks 22+ subjects 80 books with low pass rate whereas IIT JEE has 11th 12th syllabus.

Is CA helpful in UPSC?

And since after graduation, one can apply for UPSC, after becoming a semi-qualified Chartered Accountant, they will be eligible for UPSC. Also, if one has happened to have finished the coursework required to become a CA, they already possess a significant amount of the knowledge required to pass UPSC.

Is UPSC easy than CA?

1. Which exam is tough, UPSC or CA? Though both exams propose different challenges, in comparison, the CA exam is said to be quite tough as it requires regular study and recurring exams for 5 years. Whereas UPSC takes study only till one clears the qualifying exam.

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Who is big CA or IAS?

IAS is the toughest exam in the world. u can see there are only 250-300 seats for IAS from 1-2 lakhs students besides that CA’s percentage is very large…it’s not only the matter of how many years of study is required…it’s abt the IQ.

Which is the 2 toughest exam in India?

UPSC Civil Services Exam. IIT- JEE. Chartered Accountant (CA) NEET UG. AIIMS UG. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) National Defence Academy (NDA) Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)

What is world’s toughest exam?

UPSC – Union Public Service Commission. CFA (Chief Financial Analyst) Mensa. JEE-Advanced. GATE. CCIE. Gaokao. GRE.

Do CA gets job easily?

After completing your CA, you are not only qualified to get a decent job for yourself but also you become a job giver. And the choice is always yours what you want to become. After clearing CA Final exams you become a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI).

Is CA tough than Doctor?

Difficulty level of both the fields are equal.