Which Is Difficult Ssc Or Upsc?

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Which exam is best SSC or UPSC?

You can not compare both UPSC and SSC. UPSC provides class A services and SSC provides Class B government Job. You can become a gazetted officer after clearing UPSC but after SSC you need to wait for 14 years and promotion.

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Is SSC CGL difficult than UPSC?

SSC CGL Exam is a very attractive exam in India. Each year lakhs of candidates appear for the SSC CGL Examination. Considering the examination and time span of the process of examination, SSC CGL can be considered a challenging exam.

Is SSC and UPSC same?

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts exams for Civil Services. There are three stages in the UPSC exam, i.e. Preliminary, Mains and Interview. However, SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts exams for Group B and C (Gazetted and non-Gazetted) posts.

Is SSC tough to crack?

Is SSC CGL Tough? There’s a misconception that SSC CGL is tough and in order to crack the SSC CGL in first attempt, you must stop believing it. With an effective strategy in place and continuous efforts, one can easily ace this exam. So, stop thinking that SSC CGL is tough and start working hard!

Can SSC students crack UPSC?

So, there is no doubt about the fact that preparation for IAS exam is very much possible even while continuing your SSC Job. However, it would take amazing dedication and unwavering commitment to crack the much-coveted exam.

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Can SSC become IAS?

For such candidates, SSC CGL is among the best opportunities to become an IAS equivalent officer. It may take several years after deputation as an Assistant Section Officer. However, it is advisable to opt for SSC CGL exam along with the IAS exam preparation. Rest depends upon your choice.

Is 3 months enough to crack SSC CGL?

Now, many of the aspirants may be thinking, “Is it possible to prepare for SSC CGL exam in just 3 months?” and the answer is “Yes”. You can prepare for the SSC CGL exam excellently in just 3 months, if you have followed the appropriate preparation strategy with dedication.

Is SSC CGL a mini IAS?

The candidates can get an idea of SSC CGL life by the fact that this examination is referred to as MINI IAS by many.

Is SSC tough than bank?

The reasoning part of bank exams is tougher than the SSC exam as it more concept based. Though the Quantitative Aptitude Section is almost the same for both exams, candidates preparing for SSC CGL need to focus more on conceptual topics like trigonometry, Algebra, etc.

Should I prepare for SSC before UPSC?

Given that you are unemployed, I recommend that you prepare for SSC CGL up to tier 1, score well over the cut-off, secure your rank, and then apply for UPSC. Believe me, you will feel more assured. If your family has enough money to sustain you, however, they will go straight for UPSC.