Which Is Better For Upsc Hindu Or Indian Express?

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Which one newspaper is best for UPSC?

The Hindu. The Indian Express. Business Standard.

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Which subscription is best for UPSC?

Yojana. Kurukshetra. Economic and Political Weekly. Down to Earth. BYJU’S Monthly UPSC Magazine.

Which Hindi newspaper is best for UPSC preparation?

Ans. As a matter of consensus, The Hindu is considered the best newspaper for IAS preparation. Candidates can also refer to the following along with the Hindu for specific sections of UPSC Preparation: The New Indian Express.

Which page of Hindu is best for UPSC?

Editorial Page (Usually Page 8): This is the most important page of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper from the UPSC Exam perspective. Carefully read the two ‘editorials’ given on the left margin. Then move to the ‘Lead’ article. This usually would be an excellent analysis of a current issue.

Should I read The Hindu or Indian Express?

Most UPSC faculty and senior candidates recommend “The Hindu” for UPSC preparation because of its high standards and comprehensive coverage. The Hindu newspaper reading has become an important part of UPSC preparation.

Is it ok to read Indian Express for UPSC?

Indian Express is one of the major sources for the current affairs section in the Civil Service exam. It not only helps in prelims but also in Mains answer writing. There is no need to read it end to end. It will help a lot to inculcate a multidimensional approach in the main exam.

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Which channel is best for UPSC?

#1 RSTV. The Rajya Sabha TV’s YouTube channel is a mine of wonderfully informative and educational videos that a UPSC aspirant must watch. #3 The Hindu. UPSC aspirants are well-aware of the relevance of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for the IAS exam. #4 BBC News. #5 BYJU’S IAS.

Is 100 days enough for UPSC?

All you need to have is confidence and a focused mind. Don’t run behind too many resources in the last few days. Be laser-like focused. Believe that it is perfectly possible to clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary exam in 100 days.

Is 7 months sufficient for UPSC?

The Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC is not an exam that can be cracked without a proper study plan and strategy. A minimum of dedicated six months is required for the beginners or those who give their nth attempt.

Is Hindu newspaper enough for UPSC?

Importance of reading the newspaper for the IAS Exam can not be emphasised more to cover the Current Affairs, which holds a significant weightage in all rounds of the exam. “The Hindu” and “The Indian Express” are the two best and most recommended newspapers for UPSC preparation.