Which Is Best Scouce For Upsc Csat Preparation?

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How to prepare for CSAT for UPSC?

Keep every Sunday for CSAT practice and solve some questions from the numerous mock question papers found in the book. Candidates who are struggling with the CSAT paper should practice at least 1 hour daily. This can be reduced to weekly 3-4 hours or 1 mock paper per week depending on your requirement.

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Which publication is best for CSAT UPSC?

Hindu Newspaper Economy Section – Economy. Hindu Newspaper Science and Technology Section – Science and Technology. Hindu Newspaper Environment News – Environment. Manorama Yearbook Current Affairs + General Awareness.

Which website is best for CSAT UPSC?

Plutus IAS. Yojna IAS. Kautilya IAS. The Hinduzone. Elite IAS. Shankar IAS Academy. Sleepy IAS. Chrome IAS.

Where can I practice CSAT for UPSC?

UPSC CSAT Quiz – 2021: IASbaba’s Daily CSAT Practice Test – 30th January 2021. UPSC CSAT Quiz – 2021: IASbaba’s Daily CSAT Practice Test – 29th January 2021. UPSC CSAT Quiz – 2021: IASbaba’s Daily CSAT Practice Test – 28th January 2021.

How can I make CSAT at home?

Get a good basic grammar book and read it. Improve and expand your vocabulary so that you don’t have difficulty in comprehending the meaning of the passages. Specifically, learn common idioms and phrases. Read newspapers daily.

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Can I prepare for CSAT without coaching?

With the advent of the internet, resources in terms of books, study materials, video content etc are easily available and hence one can crack the UPSC CSAT exam without coaching.

Which Youtube channel is best for CSAT?

Mrunal Patel youtube channel was started by the famous Mrunal Patel. He is a known personality among UPSC aspirants. He is also a course director of Unacademy and visiting faculty in SPIPA and PDPU. This channel covers examinations like Civil services, CSAT, Bankinsectors, IBPS, CPF, CAT, CMAT, APFC, etc.

Which coaching CSAT is best?

Plutus IAS CSAT Coaching. Yojna IAS CSAT Coaching. The Hinduzone CSAT Coaching. Kautilya IAS ACADEMY. Elite IAS CSAT Coaching.

Is it easy to crack CSAT?

General Studies Paper II- CSAT is a qualifying paper with minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33%. Even though you only need to score 33% marks in CSAT Paper- II, it can become a little difficult because of the unpredictable nature of questions.

Who teaches CSAT in Vajiram?