Which Exam To Be Given First Upsc Or Mpsc?

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Which one is best in UPSC or MPSC?

It could be class I or class II depending upon the rank. One advantage of MPSC is that you are competing with lesser number of candidates and that too from your own state whereas in the case of UPSC you get much broader competition at an all India level.

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Can we give UPSC exam in Maharashtra?

UPSC is an all India exam whereas MPSC is held at the state level. Only those who reside in the state of Maharashtra are eligible to take MPSC while any citizen of india can take UPSC exams. Both exams provide an opportunity to get into administration through various departments of the government.

Can I study MPSC and UPSC together?

Yes, you can give both UPSC and MPSC examination in the same year or you can appear in any other competitive examination as well there, actually there’s no limitation on the number of examination you can give in a single year.

Can I become IAS through MPSC?

The basic difference in both the exams is UPSC is a national level exam in which all the students are eligible to apply but MPSC is restricted to Maharashtra state only. The officers selected through UPSC are designated as IAS and IPS and officers selected through MPSC are designated as Deputy Collector.

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Can I clear MPSC in first attempt?

Yes…. One Year!!! For a serious candidate who wants to clear the MPSC State Services (Rajyaseva) Examination in the 1st attempt itself, an year’s serious preparation is more than sufficient. But proper guidance is much more needed all through the year so that you do not loose tempo of the preparation.

How to start studying for MPSC?

Current Affairs preparation is important – Get Current Affairs here. NCERT books are an essential resource – Get the complete list of NCERT Books here. Standard reference books such as Laxmikant’s Polity, Bipin Chandra for History etc. Answer writing practice and going through previous years’ MPSC question papers.

Is MPSC tougher than UPSC?

Every year the MPSC State service prelims is held in April. The notification comes around First week of December. The exam is a tough exam due to many factual questions being asked in it unlike UPSC. The exam is also tough for non Marathi candidates and English medium candidates.

Is MPSC syllabus same as UPSC?

Though many topics overlap with the UPSC syllabus, it is not entirely the same. Also, there is a specific focus on Maharashtra, as mentioned explicitly in the syllabus. With the right preparation strategy, it is possible for candidates to prepare for both exams simultaneously.

Can I become collector by MPSC?

It is very long path. If you want to become a district collector then you are advised to appear for Civil Services and aim for IAS cadre. You can become collector through MPSC examination once after few years experience ou move up the ladder from PSC officer to IAS. It is very long path.

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Which is highest post in MPSC?

Deputy Collector. Deputy Suprintendent of Police. Assistant Commissioner Sales Tax. Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies. Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Indian Administrative Service. Indian Police Service. Indian Forest Service.