Which Branch Choose In Engineering For Upsc?

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Which branch is best in engineering for UPSC?

Both branches rely on each other and both are equally important. As you want to become an IAS officer i recommend you to do civil engineering. No other Engineering stream is as useful as these branch to become an IAS officer.

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Which engineering branch is best for IES exam?

Well, for IES job you may opt Mechanical or Civil as best branch under B. tech. The candidates from this background makes it somewhat easy for themselves to crack the UPSC conducting IES Exam and get selected in the finer jobs.

Is UPSC easy for engineers?

The CSAT includes questions on mathematical ability, analytical ability, reasoning, English comprehension, etc. Engineers, with their science backgrounds, generally find the CSAT easy as compared to humanities graduates (although there are exceptions).

Can CSE engineer become IAS?

Yes,you can apply for UPSC civil services exam after completing the computer science engineering degree. Infact from the past few years most of the engineering student are getting qualified the upsc civil services exam.

Who is more powerful IES or IAS?

UPSC IES vs IAS power An IAS officer commands more respect in society and is more ‘famous’. Even though the pay scales are more or less the same, an IAS officer’s domain and authority cover more diverse areas.

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Is IAS bigger than IES?

Ans. Both IAS and IES role is one of the respected and dignified official roles in the Indian Government. The authority and responsibilities lying in the hands of both officials are quite equivalent, However, an IAS officer holds more power and recognition than an IES officer.

How many engineers are selected in UPSC?

After all, the CSE is attempted by around 3 lakh candidates of which around 2,000 students get selected. The scales are evenly balanced, though engineers tend to do better if they take up Maths/Physics which are more scoring than Humanities.”

Which degree is best for UPSC?

However, when everything is said and done, engineering is without a doubt the preferred field if you want to succeed in the civil services examination as well as secure a place among the top candidates for IAS positions.

How many engineers become IAS?

Six out of ten toppers are from engineering backgrounds, mostly from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Which is better IIT or UPSC?

Regarding choice of career, it completely depends on your interest. If you want to pursue engineering and earn more you can choose to study at IIT. For this you need to write IIT JEE for btech/ GATE for Mtech. To be IAS you need to crack UPSC exam.