Where The Bengal Upsc Toppers Posted?

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Is there any IAS from West Bengal?

Bengal has a sanctioned strength of 378 IAS officers but is short of 79, making it fourth in the list of states with the maximum IAS vacancies, after Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, according to data tabled by Jitendra Singh, Minister of State, the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT), in the Rajya Sabha …

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Is West Bengal good for IAS?

West Bengal is one of the most popular states for IAS aspirants. The state has a large number of IAS seats and offers good career prospects for aspirants. The state is also known for its diverse culture, rich history, and beautiful landscapes.

Which state is best for IAS posting?

Delhi, New Delhi. Allahabad, State of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, State of Uttar Pradesh. Patna, State of Bihar. Jaipur, State of Rajasthan.

Is Bengali good optional for UPSC?

The UPSC allows Bengali as one of the optional literature subjects for the UPSC Mains exam. Bengali is one of the 22 official languages of India included in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Bengali has a rich literature and illustrious history of translations, original works and philosophy.

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Who is the first IAS officer in West Bengal?

Satyendranath Tagore (1 June 1842 – 9 January 1923) was an Indian Bengali civil servant, poet, composer, writer, social reformer and linguist from Kolkata, West Bengal. He was the first Indian who became an Indian Civil Service officer in 1863 He was a member of Bramho Samaj.

Can I give IAS interview in Bengali?

Candidates can opt for English, Hindi or any other regional language when facing the UPSC panel. Only those candidates who are exempt from taking the compulsory Indian language paper should attend the interview in either English or Hindi.

Which state produces most IPS officers?

Bihar accounts for nearly 450 out of total 5,500 IAS officers in the country. One in 10 bureaucrats shaping the destiny of India in North or South Block is from Bihar. The highest numbers of IAS, IPS & IFS aspirants are from Bihar.

Which state has most IAS in India?

FAQs on State Wise Selection in UPSC 2022 Delhi has the most IAS officers despite having less population. As per the data of 2015, the highest number of IAS officials in India is from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states because these are the most populous states in India.

What is the salary of IAS officer in West Bengal?

The IAS officers are paid as per the provisions of 7 th CPC and their basic salary is Rs. 56,100. They are also eligible for a num ber of allowances like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Travelling allowances.

Which city is best for IAS?

Delhi. Delhi is at the top when it comes to the IAS Coaching For UPSC Delhi is full of top UPSC coaching institutes. Mumbai. Mumbai the city of dreams is famous for IAS preparation in India. Bangalore. Allahabad. Lucknow. Jaipur.