When To Read Newspaper For Upsc Exam?

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Should I read newspaper daily for Upsc?

Reading the newspaper will help you in all the stages of the UPSC IAS exam; the prelims, the mains and the interview. Apart from that, it is also an excellent habit that will go a long way in making you a well-informed, socially aware and sensitive human being.

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How to read the newspaper for UPSC?

Good analysis of current issues (Editorial page or Op-Ed page). Supreme Court and High Court verdicts. Issues of national and international importance. Parliamentary Debates. Government policies and orders.

When should we start reading newspaper?

Candidate should start reading newspaper from day 1 to cover all essential news. You don’t have to read whole newspaper . You have to focus only on main news. Your way of reading newspaper should be such that you cover important news in limited period of time.

Can I crack UPSC by reading only newspaper?

Well, it is a fact that reading newspapers is neither mandatory nor sufficient to qualify with good marks for this test. There are great free websites that collect and gather valuable points from diverse sources of current affairs. An aspirant can not read and make notes from all these sources on his own.