When Does Upsc District Allotment Take Place?

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How can I check my UPSC service allocation?

Selected candidates can check and download it from the official website at @cseplus.nic.in. The Department of Personnel allocates IAS cadres during the training period of qualified candidates at their training academies.

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How is cadre allocated?

The cadre will be allotted based on merit ranking of the remaining candidates on vacancies remaining after cadres have been allocated to other candidates who have indicated their preference. The cadres will be arranged in alphabetical order for the purposes of allotment.

Which is the most preferred cadre in IAS?

The Assam and Meghalaya officers are closely followed by those of the Uttar Pradesh cadre, the largest state in the country, which by extension has the largest central deputation reserve (CDR). The CDR determines the limit up to which officers can be sent for deputation to the government of India.

Can IAS officer choose their district?

Generally, an IAS/IPS officer cannot get his home cadre. However, there is a very slim chance of it. This is possible only if you get a very high rank and then there are vacancies in your home state for your category in that year. In addition, you should have given your first preference as your home state.

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How jobs are allotted in UPSC?

The UPSC rank allotment decides which service you will get. Students are asked to list the services as per their preferences. The higher your rank the more you get a post of your choice.

Can husband and wife get same cadre?

The Cadre controlling authority may post the spouses to the same station.

Which state has most IAS officers?

As seen from the table, the maximum number of IAS officers in India is from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is mainly because these two states (before Jharkhand was formed in 2000) are the most populous in India.

Can I choose my cadre in UPSC?

The candidates shall first give their choice in the descending order of preference from amongst the various Zones. Thereafter the candidates will indicate one preference of cadre from each preferred zone. The candidates will indicate their second cadre preference for every preferred zone thereafter.

Which village has maximum IAS?

Madho Patti (Hindi: माधो पट्टी) is a rural village in Jaunpur Block of Jaunpur district in Uttar Pradesh. This village is situated around 7 km from Jaunpur city. It is said that village is making a significant contribution to the country. The hamlet has given India 47 IAS and state PCS officers.

Which district is best for IAS?

Delhi – One of the Best City for IAS Preparation in India. Bangalore is the Best City for UPSC Preparation 2022. Mumbai is a famous city for IAS Exam Preparation 2021. Pune is for CSE Preparation 2021. Kolkata is Best for IAS preparation. Allahabad is a popular city in India for IAS Preparation.