What Were Shreni Upsc?

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What is this shreni?

Shrenis were the group of merchants and craftsmen. They used to provide training, procure raw materials and distribute the final product. Shrenis were the mechants who were responsible to arrange trade. They also served as bank, where rich people can deposit their money.

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What is shrenis for Class 7?

Shrenis were associations of crafts persons and merchants. The shrenis of crafts persons performed various functions. They provided training, procured raw material and distributed the finished product. Then came shrenis of merchants who organised the trade.

What is guild and shrenis?

history of India …to commercial activity was the shreni, or guild, through which trade was channeled. The guilds were registered with the town authority, and the activities of guild members followed strict guidelines called the shreni-dharma.

Why were shrenis formed?

Shrenis were associations that merchants and craftsmen formed. They came together to discuss common topics. These shrenis of craftspersons provided training, procured raw material, and distributed the finished products.