What Was Your Time Table For Upsc Preparation?

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How to manage time table for UPSC?

Create a realistic not strict timetable. The first step towards IAS preparation is making a timetable. Make short, practical and accomplishable targets. Divide and Study. Organize study time. Know when to give up. Take A Break! Stick to the Plan.

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How many hours a day should I study for UPSC?

The UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. And, because of this, a lot of people recommend studying for about 15 hours per day during the IAS exam preparation time.

How to make a study timetable for UPSC?

Newspaper reading- 1-2 hours (making short notes simultaneously). Static subjects- 2-3 hours. Current affairs- 2-3 hours. Answer writing practice- 1-2 hours (try to write daily 2 answers and evaluate that on your own) Revision- 2 hours.