What Was Strategy Of Akshat Jain Upsc?

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In which attempt Akshat Jain cracked UPSC?

Soon after he completed his graduation, he appeared for UPSC Civil Services exam for the first time. He was unable to pass the preliminary exam by two marks in his first attempt due to insufficient preparation. But in his second attempt, Akshat hits the bullseye.

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What is the strategy of Shubham Kumar?

In his 2019’s attempt he took as much as 70-75 mock tests and in 2020 prelims, he took 40-45 mock tests. During his mains preparation, he used to take 1-hour mock tests daily and a full length 3 hour mock test every third day. He says mock tests are a great way for analyzing strong and weak areas and work upon them.

What is the best strategy for IAS?

Tip #1: Prepare Yourself. Tip #2: Make a Time Table. Tip #3: Know the UPSC Syllabus. Tip #4: Newspaper Reading/Current Affairs for IAS. Tip #5: Choosing Optional. Tip #6: NCERTs. Tip #7: Making Notes. Tip #8: Answer Writing Practice.

What was the optional of Akshat Jain?

Choosing the correct optional subject for the UPSC Mains exam is an important choice. Akshat Jain chose Anthropology as his optional subject, mainly due to its syllabus. He felt that the subject had a practical approach and could be applied in real-life situations as well.

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Who is youngest cracking UPSC?

Ansar Shaikh is the youngest IAS Officer in India. He is a 2016 batch IAS who secured an AIR 361 and made his place on the UPSC Toppers List. Ansar Shaikh was just 21 years of age when he achieved this feat. He chose Marathi as a subject for taking the Mains exam and Interview.

Which pen do toppers use?

It is recommended that you use ball pens over gel pens for the UPSC Mains exam. The best pen for UPSC mains includes soft-tipped ballpoint pens which tend to provide a good grip in writing for a long period of time. Furthermore, many UPSC toppers have also suggested using ballpoint pens.

Who broke UPSC first attempt without coaching?

Arunraj, reportedly, did not join any coaching and prepared on his own. He focused a lot on the NCERT textbooks for UPSC. Relying almost entirely on the NCERTs, he was able to crack the UPSC exam in his very first attempt.

Who is air 1 in UPSC?

The coveted All India Rank 1 of the UPSC Civil Services 2021 examination is bagged by Shruti Sharma, a JNU alumnus.

How many hours IAS topper study?

Candidates should focus on the efficacy and quality of the study, which counts, rather than the study duration. IAS Toppers generally study between 4 to 16 hours a day, which differs in their strategy for preparation.

Which hobby is best for IAS?

Travelling. Primarily, travelling gives you a break from the daily monotonous life. Watching movies. One may wonder how movies are helpful for the preparation of the IAS exam. Internet surfing. Reading. Blogging. Teaching.