What Post Will Given For Ides Officer Through Upsc Cse?

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What is ides in UPSC?

The Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES) is an organized Group A Central Service under the Government of India in the Ministry of Defence. Recruitment to the Service is on the basis of the Civil Services Examination conducted annually by the UPSC. The Department came into existence on 16th December, 1926.

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How many ides officers are there in India?

In the final tier of IDES structure, there are 62 cantonments each of which is headed by a Chief Executive Officer. The above details would help candidates preparing for UPSC 2022 in setting up their goals.

How powerful is ides?

An IDE improves workflow due to its fast code completion capabilities. An IDE automates error-checking on the fly to ensure top-quality code. An IDE has refactoring capabilities that allow programmers to make comprehensive and renaming changes.

Who is an IDES officer in India?

Indian Defence Estates Service (IDES) is an organised Group ‘A’ Central Civil Service. IDES Officers are appointed through the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

How IDEs officers are posted?

Q. 4 Where are IDES officers posted? Ans. 4 IDES Officers recruited through UPSC CSE, after the completion of their training in NIDEM, Delhi are posted as CEO of one of the 62 cantonments across India, enjoying high power within the cantonments.

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How IDEs officers are selected?

The IDES recruitment is based on the UPSC exam and the candidates have to go through the UPSC exam pattern because the exam is the same for the IDES selection. The exam pattern for the same is mentioned below in the table: Candidates can get knowledge of IAS Exam Pattern here.

Where do IDAS officers get posted?

Soon after induction of IDAS cadre officers, they will be posted as Assistant Controlling Officer of Defence Accounts. The postings are usually at municipal towns having cantonments. Going further, the IDAS cadre officers will be promoted as Deputy Controlling Officer of Defence Accounts.

How many IDEs officers are selected every year?

180 IAS Officers are Appointed Every Year.

Who is more powerful IFS or IAS?

IFS officers are powerful in their own right, though they do not have the broad administrative powers that an IAS or IPS officer would have inside the country. Notwithstanding this, they shape India’s foreign policy and can wield a lot of influence on other departments related to their work.

What is the salary of IDES?

Average annual salary in IDES is INR 4.6 lakhs.