What Is Ulfa Assam Upsc?

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Why there is insurgency in Assam?

Assam has been a refuge for militants for a number of years, due to its porous borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan and also due to its very close proximity to Burma. The main causes of the friction include anti-foreigner agitation in the 1980s, and the simmering indigenous-migrant tensions.

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What is the main aim of ULFA?

The United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) (Assamese: সংযুক্ত মুক্তি বাহিনী, অসম) is an armed separatist organisation operating in the Northeast Indian state of Assam. It seeks to establish an independent sovereign nation state of Assam for the indigenous Assamese people through an armed struggle in the Assam conflict.

Which military launched against ULFA militant?

Operation Bajrang (28 November 1990 – 20 April 1991) was a military operation, conducted by the Indian army, in Assam, against the militant organization, United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA). Its primary objective was to flush out ULFA militants.

Who is the most wanted criminal in Assam?

Raju Baruah, alias Gerejai, dubbed as one of the most wanted criminals in Lakhimpur and its nearby districts, was languishing in jail for the past several months under multiple cases related to homicide, rape, robbery, extortion and kidnappings.

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What are the 3 components of insurgency?

There are three prerequisites that are critical elements to build and sustain an insurgent movement: (1) vulnerable population; (2) leadership direction; and (3) lack of government control.

What is the goal of insurgency?

The common denominator for most insurgent groups is their objective of gaining control of a population or a particular territory, including its resources.

How many Muslims are killed in Assam?

Nellie massacre and ‘citizenship’: When 1,800 Muslims were killed in Assam in just 6 hours.

Who was the first Assamese to protest against British?

In 1828, Gomdhar Konwar (Assamese: গোমধৰ কোঁৱৰ), a prince of the Ahom royal family, his colleague Dhanjay Borgohain and their followers rose in revolt against the British occupation of Assam.

Who was the first martyr of Assam Andolan?

Khargeswar Talukdar, the 22-year-old general secretary of Barpeta AASU Unit, was beaten to death and thrown into a ditch next to the highway at Bhabanipur. Talukdar was honoured by the Assam Movement as its first Martyr.

What is NDFB in Assam?

The National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) was an armed separatist outfit which sought to obtain a sovereign Boroland for the Bodo people. It is designated as a terrorist organisation by the Government of India.