What Is Thermal Pollution Upsc?

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What do you mean by thermal pollution?

Thermal pollution is the discharge of heated effluents from industrial processes such as electric power generation, atomic power stations and other factories at temperatures that can affect the life process of aquatic organisms.

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What is thermal pollution 12th?

Thermal pollution is raising temperature of water due to addition of hot water or hot effluents into it.

What is thermal pollution PDF?

DEFINITION. • Thermal pollution is defined as the addition of excess of. undesirable heat to water thereby making it harmful to. man, animal or aquatic life. Thermal pollution may also cause significant departures from nor activities of aquatic communities.

What is thermal pollution and its effect?

The effects of thermal pollution include decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which aquatic life requires, damage to larvae and eggs of fish in rivers, killing off some species of fish and macroinvertibrates that have a limited tolerance for temperature change, and migration of living entities from …

What is thermal pollution BYJU’s?

Thermal pollution is the pollution that occurs when there is a change in the normal temperature of water in water bodies as we mix heated or cool water into it. This alters the oxygen level in the water, causing harm to aquatic plants and animals.

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What is thermal pollution in a sentence?

Thermal pollution is the rise or fall in the temperature of a natural body of water caused by human influence. Thermal pollution, unlike chemical pollution, results in a change in the physical properties of water.

What is thermal pollution topper?

Thermal pollution is the degradation of water quality by any process that changes ambient water temperature. A common cause of thermal pollution is the use of water as a coolant by power plants and industrial manufacturers.

What is thermal pollution 2 marks?

1. Hot water pumped into water bodies raises the temperature of the water body, adversely affecting the animals and plants living in it. This is termed as thermal water pollution. 2.

What is thermal short answer?

Thermal energy refers to the energy contained within a system that is responsible for its temperature. Heat is the flow of thermal energy. A whole branch of physics, thermodynamics, deals with how heat is transferred between different systems and how work is done in the process (see the 1ˢᵗ law of thermodynamics).

What is the main source of thermal pollution?

Thermal power plants and nuclear plants are the main sources of thermal pollution.