What Is The Score Of Tamil Optionals In Upsc?

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Is Tamil a good optional for UPSC?

Tamil Literature is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC in the civil services mains exam. It is a reasonably popular literature optional subject taken by IAS aspirants. It also sees a decently high success rate.

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Which optional subject is most scored UPSC?

Sociology: If an aspirant already has some basic knowledge of Sociology, then Sociology can be a highly rewarding optional subject in UPSC examinations. Define Sociology. Sociology studies the structure, interaction, culture, and values of society. A high-scoring option, it is one of the best ones in UPSC Mains.

What is a good score in optional UPSC?

However, in case of the toppers of optional subjects, the scores range from 350-370 out of 500 which is more than 70% marks. So, even if the weightage of optional subject exam is less than the GS Mains, the possibility of scoring higher marks is much better in the optional exam as compared to GS Mains exam.

Which institute is best for Tamil optional?

NEXT IAS is placed at ranks first in our list of Best Test Series For Tamil Literature Optional. NEXT IAS is a highly experienced Coaching institute which provide best test series for Tamil Literature optional.

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Which is the shortest optional in UPSC?

Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.

Which optional is easy to score?

Answer: Sociology, Geography, and Public Administration are easy subjects to score. Many candidates have scored more than 400 marks in these optional subjects as per the previous year’s result.

Which optional is best?

Sociology. Geography. Literature Subject (Any) Anthropology. Agriculture. Medical Science. Public Administration. Psychology.

Can I fail in optional subject?

According to CBSE, if a student fails in more than one subject, he has declared a failure. But, if you failed only in your optional subject, you need not worry as marks for the 6th subject are not counted in total per cent and not even in entrance cut-offs.

Which college is best for IAS in Tamil Nadu?

Chinmaya Academy for Civil Services, Anna Nagar. Sathya IAS Academy, Chennai. Samskara IAS Academy, Anna Nagar. Vetrii IAS Academy, Anna Nagar. Evastalin IAS Academy, Chennai. Strategy IAS Academy, Chennai. Bigtree IAS academy, Chennai. Sathya IAS Academy, Chennai.

Which academy is best for UPSC in Tamil Nadu?

Rank 1 Kamaraj IAS Academy Best IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu. Rank 2 All India Civil Services Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu. Rank 3 SA IAS Academy Best IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu. Rank 4 Vetrii IAS Study Circle Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu.