What Is The Schedule Of Upsc Ifs Students?

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Which subject is best for IFS exam?

Candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects namely, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Forestry or Engineering of a recognised university or equivalent.

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Which degree is best for Indian Forest Service?

The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forestry or engineering. Note: Every candidate appearing for the examination shall be permitted six attempts. But, the number of attempts will not apply in the case of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates who are otherwise eligible.

What is the schedule of UPSC 2022?

According to the IAS Exam Calendar 2022, the recruitment process for Civil Services has started on 2nd February 2022. The UPSC Preliminary Exam 2022 is scheduled to be conducted on 5th June 2022. Here, you will get the exam dates of UPSC Civil Services, along with 11 other examinations conducted by the Commission.

Do IFS travel in first class?

Perks And Facilities of an IFS Officer You are offered first-class flight tickets for you and your wife and children to the city to which you are being deployed or transferred. They often get to meet with famous personalities. You will get opportunities to travel to multiple countries in your career.

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How many IFS selected every year?

On top of that, there are very few vacancies for the IFS each year. On average, only about 35 successful candidates are chosen for the Indian Foreign Service. This article tries to throw some light on the last rank needed for the IFS in the UPSC exam.

Should I go for IAS or IFS?

If someone wants to impact people’s lives and serve within India positively, the IAS would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if someone wants a life of travel and adventure, staying in different places, and experiencing different cultures, then IFS would suit them.

Which graduation is best for IFS?

Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects as Physics. Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects as Zoology. Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. Bachelor’s degree in Forestry. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

How do I start preparing for IFS?

Practice Previous Years Question Papers: Solving previous years question papers is important. It is advised to study at least 5 years solved question papers. This kind of activity gives you an idea of the structure of the questions papers and what kind of questions can be asked in the coming exams.

Who is the UPSC 2022 topper?

Who is the UPSC topper 2022? The Union Public Service Commission, on May 30 2022, declared the exam results. Shruti Sharma, a History graduate from St. Stephens, is the UPSC Topper as she secured All India Rank (AIR) 01.

What are UPSC weekend batches?

Course Duration : 14 to 16 Months. Days : Saturday & Sunday. Time : Saturday: 2 PM to 4 PM & 4:30 PM to 6: 30 PM. Sunday: 9 AM to 11 AM & 11:30 AM to 1: 30 PM.