What Is The Last Date For Upsc Cse Application?

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How to apply for UPSC CSE 2022?

Visit the official website upsconline.nic.in. Click on “ONLINE APPLICATION FOR VARIOUS EXAMINATIONS OF UPSC” Click on the registration link. Fill in the details, pay the fee and submit application. Download form and take a print or future reference.

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Will UPSC 2022 be delayed?

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the tentative calendar for the exams to be held in 2022. As per the calendar, the UPSC civil services 2022 notification will be released on 2nd February while the exam will be conducted on June 5.

Is UPSC very tough?

It is indeed immense and contains a diverse range of subjects, unlike many other exams where you need expertise only in one or two subjects. If you look at the success rate in the IAS exam, you will understand why it is considered one of the toughest exams in India and some say, the world.

Can I still apply for civil service exam 2022?

For the 26 March CSE-PPT, the application period will be on 22 December 2022 to 25 January 2023. A special application period for unrefunded examinees of the cancelled 15 March 2020 CSE-PPT is set on 14 to 21 December 2022.

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How many vacancies are there in CSE 2022?

For the UPSC CSE 2022 exam, a total of 1011 vacancies were notified.

Is 1 month enough for UPSC Prelims?

To tell you the truth, passing the UPSC prelims exam in a month is incredibly hard. However, it is possible to make it if one can spend all of their time to the preparations.

Is 2 month enough for UPSC Prelims?

Many IAS hopefuls might be wondering if it is possible to crack the UPSC Prelims in just 60 days. The answer is a resounding YES. People have done it before, and you can do it too!

Is UPSC 2022 Easy?

As per the candidates who appeared in the UPSC IAS 2022 CSAT paper, the paper was moderate and time-consuming.

Can I crack UPSC exam in 3 months?

Well, it may sound too surprising to be true, that one can prepare for UPSC CSE Mains in 3 months, but it is very much possible. However, one need to have determination, a great attitude and efficiency in getting things done at the right time.

Which subject is best for IAS 2022?

Students and candidates who wish to appear for UPSC Civil Services begin their preparation with the two subjects- Indian Polity and Indian History. The candidates cannot expect zero questions from these two subjects. In fact, almost 25% of the paper is comprised of questions from these two subjects.