What Is The Creteria Of Upsc For Mechanical Engineering?

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How can I prepare for UPSC mechanical engineering?

Strength of Materials by Sadhu Singh. Callister’s Materials Science and Engineering. Theory of Machines by SS Rattan. Theory of Machines by RS Khurmi. A Text Book on Production Engineering by Swadesh Kumar Singh. Manufacturing Technology by PN Rao. Manufacturing Science by Amitabha Ghosh.

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What is the syllabus of UPSC for mechanical engineering?

Topics included under the Mechanical Engineering Optional UPSC Syllabus are mechanics, engineering materials, theory of machines, manufacturing science, thermodynamics, heat transfer, engines, steam engineering and refrigeration.

Which engineering is best for UPSC aspirants?

As you want to become an IAS officer i recommend you to do civil engineering. No other Engineering stream is as useful as these branch to become an IAS officer.

Can I qualify UPSC without coaching?

Yes, one can clear the IAS exam without coaching. But may not be ‘everyone’. It depends on his/her efficiency in self-study. If you are good at self-study, you can clear UPSC CSE without any classroom coaching.

Is UPSC easy for engineers?

The CSAT includes questions on mathematical ability, analytical ability, reasoning, English comprehension, etc. Engineers, with their science backgrounds, generally find the CSAT easy as compared to humanities graduates (although there are exceptions).

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Which post is best for mechanical engineer?

Defense Engineers: Research and Development Engineer: Product Design Engineer: Sales and Marketing Engineer: Tool Engineer: Production Engineer: Maintenance Engineer: Quality Assurance:

What are the 5 compulsory subjects in UPSC?

What are the compulsory subjects for UPSC exam prelims? In UPSC Prelims, the compulsory subjects are Indian Polity and Governance, General Science, History, Geography, Economic and Social Development, etc.

Which 5 subject is best for UPSC?

Medical Science. Literature. Anthropology. Public Administration. Psychology. Law. Geography. History.

Which exam is best for mechanical engineers?

In India the most competitive engineering exams are JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Besides these exams there are a number of other entrance exams you can attempt to gain admission in one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in the country.

Which field students crack UPSC most?

“Engineering students crack the UPSC exam because of the practical pedagogical methods they experience in their four-year engineering studies. This provides them with a better analytical aptitude as compared to Arts graduates,” says JK Dadoo, former IAS officer who was in the services for more than 35 years.