What Is Spectrum Book For Upsc?

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Is Spectrum book good for UPSC?

Hence, UPSC makes sure that it is given ample weightage and has always been one area where students are expected to focus. Many books provide insights into Modern Indian History, one of them being Spectrum. Like any subject, it is advisable to start with the NCERT and then try Spectrum.

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What is Spectrum book UPSC?

Spectrum gives a summary of ‘History of Modern India’ by Bipan Chandra. One can refer to this book. Read all chapters carefully. The Black Box at the end of each chapter is very important and should be covered thoroughly.

What is read in Spectrum history for UPSC?

Chapter 26: Constitutional, Administrative and Judicial Developments. Chapter 27: Survey of British Policies in India. Chapter 28: The Economic Impact of British Rule in India. Chapter 29: Development Of Indian Press. Chapter 30: Development of Education. Chapter 31: Peasant Movements 1857-1947.

Which chapter should I read from UPSC spectrum?

Spectrum Summary: The Foundation & the Moderate Phase of the INC. Spectrum Summary: Era of Militant Nationalism (1905-1909) Spectrum Summary: First Phase of Revolutionary Activities (1907-1917) Spectrum Summary: First World War & Nationalist Response.

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Which book is better Bipin Chandra or spectrum?

Spectrum vs Bipin Chandra – Spectrum is excellent for revision before exam, and Bipin Chandra is good to develop historical analysis aptitude and Mains type answers. So, we suggest to read both but use Spectrum for revision.

How many days to finish spectrum?

35 days means 5 weeks. Now every Saturday of the week should be reserved for revision and remembering important facts and Sunday should be reserved for tests and revision. Your first reading of any chapter should be without underlining anything just read the chapter.

Can I read spectrum without reading NCERT?

Is it necessary to read NCERT history for modern India before spectrum? Not necessary as such!

Can I crack UPSC by reading only newspaper?

The most important thing in the preparation of the UPSC Examination is Time Management. An aspirant must not waste their time to look for multiple resources but rather focus on limiting them. Rather than reading two newspapers, aspirants can always supplement their newspaper reading with one Current Affairs Magazine.

Can I clear UPSC without reading current affairs?

Don’t worry! Reading newspapers is not necessary to crack UPSC’s current affairs.

Which is shortest syllabus for UPSC?

Which UPSC Optional Subject has Smallest Syllabus? Philosophy has the shortest syllabus out of all of the optional subjects for the UPSC examination and is the reason for it is a popular choice amongst UPSC aspirants.