What Is Saptanga Theory Of Kautilya Upsc?

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Which one of the following is a part of Kautilya’s Saptanga theory?

The correct answer is Mitra. The Saptanga theory of the state was given by Kautilya. Kautilya wrote the Arthashastra and in this, he wrote about the Saptanga theory of the state. Mitra (ally).

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What are the seven elements of state of the Saptanga theory of Manu?

According to Kautilya, a state has seven elements or constituents, namely, Swamin— the King, Amatya—the Minister, Janapada—the Land, and the People, Durga—the Fortress, Kosha—the Treasury, Danda—the Army and Mitra—the Allies. This entire set-up of the kingdom was described as Saptanga theory in ancient India.

Who is Swami in Kautilya Saptanga theory of?

Kautilya also reduces the elements of the state when he writes the king and kingdom are the primary elements of the state because all other elements revolve round these two elements. It is the first and the most important element. Swami means the monarch.

What are the seven limbs of state?

Notes: Saptanga theory of state was given by Kautilya in Arthashastra. According to it, the seven limbs of a state are King, Amatya (Bureaucrats) , Janapada (territory), Durga (Fort), Kosa (Treasure), Danda (coercive authority) and Mitra (ally).

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What is meant by Saptanga theory?

Saptanga theory Kautilya’s saptanga (seven organs) theory of state illustrates a novel dimension of state power that dialectically engages political rationality and normativity; artha and dharma respectively. His theory borrows from the Ayurveda medical treatise which speaks of seven elements of the body.

What is the meaning of Saptanga theory?

KAUTILYA:- SAPTANGA THEORY OF STATE The word “Saptang” indicates seven limbs, constituents or elements. Together, they constitute the State as an organism, “like a chariot. composed of seven parts fitted and subservient to one another”.

What is the title of Kautilya’s theory of state?


What are the main elements in Kautilya’s Arthashastra?

It includes books on the nature of government, law, civil and criminal court systems, ethics, economics, markets and trade, the methods for screening ministers, diplomacy, theories on war, nature of peace, and the duties and obligations of a king.

What is state according to Kautilya?

Arthasastra where Kautilya has described the state as consisting of seven. elements which are : Svami, Amatya, Janapada, Durga, Kosa, Danda and. Mitra.2 It cannot be overlooked that there is some reference in some. early Dharma Sutra regarding raja, amatya, visya etc.

What are the three names of Kautilya?

Chanakya (l. c. 350-275 BCE, also known as Kautilya and Vishnugupta) was prime minister under the reign of Chandragupta Maurya (r. c. 321-c. 297 BCE), founder of the Mauryan Empire (322-185 BCE).