What Is New Industrial Policy Should Focus On Upsc?

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What is the new industrial policy?

The new industrial policy didn’t only focus on the economic reforms but also on LPG(Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization). Through this policy, privatization started on a large scale and in almost every industrial sector.

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What are the objectives of new industrial policy?

The main objectives of the Industrial Policy of the Government are (i) to maintain a sustained growth in productivity;(ii) to enhance gainful employment;(iii) to achieve optimal utilisation of human resources; (iv) to attain international competitiveness; and (v) to transform India into a major partner and player in …

What is the objective of new industrial policy Mcq?

To maintain a sustained growth in productivity. To enhance gainful employment. To achieve optimal utilization of human resources. ?All of the above.

What are the main components of New industrial policy of India?

Deregulation, competitive efficiency and globalization are three major factors of new industrial policy.

What are the features of new industrial policy?

Localisation Policy. Liberalization policy. Foreign Investment. Role of Public Sector. Worker’s Participation in Management. Foreign Technology.

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What was the New industrial policy announced?

The new industrial policy was introduced in 1991 which includes the latest industrial reforms were many requirements of industrial licensing abolished, restrictions on investment and expansion were removed, and easy access to foreign technology and foreign direct investment was facilitated.

What are the salient features of new industrial policy 1991?

Previously, most of the industrial sectors were reserved to the public sector. Under the new industrial policy, only three sectors- atomic energy, mining and railways will continue as reserved for public sector. All other sectors have been opened for private sector participation.

What is the main objective of every industry?

1] Profit Earning The main objective of any business is to earn a profit. Just as a plant cannot survive without water, similarly a business cannot sustain without profit. Profit is necessary for growing and expanding business activities.

Does India need a new industrial policy?

India needs ‘productive’ economic policies to increase domestic manufacturing (and not only of the labour-intensive kind) for the defence of its national sovereignty and resilience in its economic growth.

What is the main feature of New Economic Policy Mcq?

Reserve Bank of India announced New Economic Policy as a condition to support the Indian economy. Opening up the economy by removing restrictions on the private sector is called globalisation.