What Is Montreux Record Upsc?

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Which Indian sites are under Montreux Record?

Currently, two wetlands of India are in Montreux record: Keoladeo National Park (Rajasthan) and Loktak Lake (Manipur).

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How many records does Montreux have?

As in August 2021, 48 sites are listed in the Montreux Record. The Montreux Record was established by Recommendation 4.8 at the COP-4 in 1990 held at Montreux, Switzerland. It was adopted by the Conference of Contracting parties in Brisbane in 1996.

Why is Keoladeo in Montreux?

Due to water shortages and an imbalanced grazing policy surrounding it, the Montreux Record was put on the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan in 1990.

How many Ramsar sites are there in India 2022?

During this year itself (2022) a total of 28 sites have been declared as Ramsar sites. Based on the date of designation mentioned on Ramsar Certificate, the number is 19 for this year (2022) and 14 for previous year (2021).

What is the meaning of Montreux Record?

The Montreux Record is a register of wetland sites on the ‘List of Wetlands of International Importance’ where variations in ecological character have happened, are happening, or are likely to happen as an outcome of technological developments, pollution, or other human interference.

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What is the difference between Ramsar List and Montreux Record?

The Montreux Record is a register of wetland sites on the List of Wetlands of International Importance where changes in ecological character have occurred, are occurring, or are likely to occur as a result of technological developments, pollution or other human interference. It is maintained as part of the Ramsar List.

Why is Montreux important?

Montreux is on railway lines from Geneva and France to Italy via the Simplon Tunnel and is also a terminus of mountain railways. The tourist trade is important, while the villages of Caux, Chernex, Glion, Chamby, and Les Avants on terraces above Montreux depend mainly on agriculture and viticulture.

Why is Montreux famous?

Montreux is famous for the international ‘Montreux Jazz Festival,’ one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world, which takes place across multiple venues for a couple of weeks in July each year and has now been running for over fifty years.

Who maintains Montreux Record?

The Montreux Record, so called because it was adopted at the 4& meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties in Montreux (Switzerland) in 1990, identifies Ramsar sites that are in need of priority conservation attention at national or international level, and is maintained as part of the Ramsar database.

Which is the first Ramsar site in India?

Chilika Lake in Orissa and Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan were recognised as the first Ramsar sites in India. There are 46 Ramsar sites in India, all of which are recognised as Wetlands of Importance under the Ramsar Convention.