What Is Home Charges Upsc?

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What called home charges?

Home charges included private remittances to home by British officials and traders, interest payments on India’s external debt, and pensions of British officials in India.

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What is meant by Home Charges class 11?

Explanation: Home Charges are the interests of India’s external debts and the payments of the salaries and pensions of British officials in India are what the Home Charges comprised of. The trade surplus was used to make these payments or the payments for the Home Charges. Explore all similar answers.

What constituted home charges in British India?

The following constituted home charges: The salaries of Secretary of State. Maintenance of the army & funds for waging wars even outside India. Profits earned by British capitalists through illegal channels.

What is meant by drain of wealth?

The drain of wealth was interpreted as an indirect tribute extracted by imperial Britain from India year after year. According to the nationalist calculations, this chain amounted to one-half of the government revenues more than the entire land revenue collection and over one-third of India’s total savings.

What is a door charge?

door charge in American English noun. an entrance fee.

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What is a room charge?

Room charge means the charge imposed for the use or occupancy of a room, excluding charges for food, beverages, state use tax, telephone service, or like services paid in connection with the charge, and excluding reimbursement of the assessment imposed by this act.

What is electric charge Class 10 in simple words?

“Electric Charge is the property of subatomic particles that causes it to experience a force when placed in an electric and magnetic field.” Electric charges are of two types: Positive and Negative, commonly carried by charge carriers protons and electrons.

What is electric charge Ncert?

Electric Charge Charge is the property associated with matter due to which it produces and experiences electric and magnetic effect. 2.

How many types of charges are there class 7?

There are only two kinds of charge – positive charge and negative charge.

What was included in the home charges Class 10?

Britain’s trade surplus in India also helped pay the so-called ‘home charges’ that included private remittances home by British officials and traders, interest payments on India’s external debt, and pensions of British officials in India.