What Is Drilling Upsc Notes?

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What is Deep Ocean Drilling Project Upsc?

The Deep Ocean Mission plan will enable India to develop capabilities to exploit resources in the Central Indian Ocean Basin (CIOB). One of the major objectives of this project is to mine and extract polymetallic nodules (PMN). The UN International SeaBed Authority has allotted India 75000 sq.

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What is integrated ocean drilling project?

The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) was an international marine research program. The program used heavy drilling equipment mounted aboard ships to monitor and sample sub-seafloor environments.

What is the difference between deep ocean drilling project and integrated ocean drilling project?

Answer: after analysis of samples scientist concluded oceans floor is probably no older than 200 million years. the new program deep ocean drilling program continued exploring from 1985 to 2003. at which point was replaced by the integrated Ocean drilling program.