What Is Deputation By Upsc?

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What is the meaning of deputation letter?

: the act of appointing a deputy. : a group of people appointed to represent others.

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What is company deputation?

What is a company reputation? A company’s reputation is a public perception of the company and how it operates. This includes public opinions on the company’s products or services or how the company treats its employees. A reputation can be positive or negative, and it can change over time.

What is the rule of deputation?

During the period of deputation/foreign service, he/she shall earn notional increments in the parent cadre post. On reversion, if he/she is re-appointed to the higher post on regular or ad-hoc basis his pay will get fixed with reference to the pay admissible in the lower post on the date of such re-appointment.

Who can apply for deputation?

Eligibility Deputation : Officers under the Central/State Governments/UTs, Universities, Public Sector Undertaking, Semi-Government/ Statutory/ Autonomous organizations/ Recognized Research Institutes : (i) holding analogous post on regular basis; or with 5 years regular service in the Pay band of Rs.

What is an example of deputation?

a group of people sent to speak or act for others: They sent a deputation to Parliament. The deputation from the EU arrives/arrive tomorrow. a deputation of local government officials. She was sent on a deputation to see the Pope.

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What is the difference between transfer and deputation?

Hi, In general terms deputation is posting of an employee to other location on temporary basis whereas transfer is something relocation of an employee on a permanent basis. Transfer is a permanent arrangement whereas deputation is a temporary arrangement.

Why deputation is done?

The necessity for sending on deputation arises in public interest to meet the exigencies of public service. The concept of deputation is consensual and involves a voluntary decision of the employer to lend the services of his employee and a corresponding acceptance of such services by the borrowing employer.

Can an IPS officer go on deputation?

It said “officers with minimum 14 years of experience will be eligible for appointment at the level of DIG by the Centre.” Officers are assessed if they are suitable for Central deputation by the Central Police Establishment Board (CPEB) headed by the Union Home Secretary.

How long can IAS be on central deputation?

If such requests are to be genuine, the Central government may initially send the officer on a three years deputation to a State of its choice. The situation may be reassessed after the three year period and if the situation so warrants, the Central Government may permanently transfer the officer to that State.

Do IFS officers go on deputation?

Deputation of IFS officers is also permissible to foreign governments, UN bodies, international organsiations, NGOs, voluntary organisations apart from private sector as per the above rules. For details may refer to the latest instructions of DoPT, GOI issued in this regard which can be accessed from the IFS web site.