What Is Chief Secretary Upsc?

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What is the role of Chief Secretary of India?

The Chief Secretary acts as the principal advisor to the chief minister on all matters of state administration. The Chief Secretary is usually the senior most IAS officer of the senior most batch in the state.

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Who is chief secretary in India?

Rajiv Gauba (born 15 August 1959; IAST: R?j?va Gaub?) is an Indian civil servant serving as the current Cabinet Secretary of India since 2019.

What is the power of Chief Secretary?

The chief secretary acts as a secretary to the state cabinet. He is the administrative head of the cabinet secretariat and attends the meeting of the cabinet and its sub-committees. He prepares the agenda for cabinet meetings and keeps records of its proceedings.

Who appoints Chief Secretary?

The Chief Secretary is ‘chosen’ by the Chief Minister. As the appointment of Chief Secretary is an executive action of the Chief Minister, it is taken in the name of the Governor of the State. ? Hence statement 1 is not correct.

What is the salary of Chief Secretary in IAS?

Additional Chief Secretary Salaries in India The national average salary for a Additional Chief Secretary is ?2,59,287 in India.

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What is the salary of IAS after 5 years?

IAS salary ranges from 56,100 to 2,50,000 depending on the seniority. But the pay band of an IFS officer starts from 15,600-39,100. And the highest salary for an IFS officer in India can reach INR 90,000 for a Cabinet Secretary.

Is IAS salary enough?

Post Training Salary of IAS: 56,000 to 1.3 lakh and other allowances. Other allowances such as TA, DA and HRA are added over this, which makes it around Rs. 70,000- 1.5 lakh per month.

What is the highest rank in IAS?

Principal in the state or central secretariat. State chief secretary. Cabinet secretary.

Who is senior most IAS officer in India?

The Cabinet Secretary is the most senior officer of the IAS.

Is Chief Secretary and principal secretary same?

In the state governments, a principal secretary ranks above a secretary but it is below the designations of additional chief secretary and chief secretary.